Many of our clients will be attending bridal shows this summer. Here are a few tips to help you keep things organized.

  1. Bring address labels. If you enter drawings you will end up writing out your name, address, phone number, and email a lot.
  2. Only enter drawings of vendors that you would like to receive more information from.
  3. Bring a bag with you. Some shows provide them, but others don’t. You will need something to carry all of your information and vendor giveaways in.
  4. Make notes or stars on brochures for vendors that you like. When you get home you may not remember who was who.
  5. Take a note book and pen with you. Write down information about vendors that you would like to remember.
  6. Ask if your wedding date is available. You may love a vendor and spend time talking with them, only to find your date is unavailable.
  7. Don’t fall for high pressure sales. Most vendors will give a discount for booking your wedding at the show, which is a great deal IF they’re a great vendor. If you’re sure of yourself, go for it and save a little money. If you’re not, take some time to think it over.
  8. Bring your check book just in case there’s a vendor you feel you NEED to sign on the spot.
  9. Wear comfortable shoes. If it’s a good bridal show, you could end up walking a lot.

AuthorAmy Donley