We had our day all planned. A trip to the zoo with two groups of friends, and their boys. We had our giant picnic lunch packed and ready to go. Bert was excited to go to the zoo with his friends, and I was excited to bring my camera along and get some great photos of the boys. Phone call number one, "Eli is having an off morning, and we're just not up for taking him out." Ok, we can deal with that. Phone call number two, "Ummmm.... Lucas is still sleeping." Now being a mom that doesn't believe in arguing with a three year old when you don't have to, or waking them up when you don't have to, I was Ok with this. We broke the news to Bert, who's reply was. "Yeah, but I'm still gonna go ride my bike at the zoo." Crisis averted. So off we go to the zoo. A half hour in to our super fun zoo trip, and here comes the rain. Pouring rain. And we're at the back of the zoo. So we end up at Grandma's house having our "picnic" lunch on the living room floor in soaking wet clothes. The rain eventually passed by, and with clothes fresh out of Grandma's dryer, we decided to take Bert's bike out on the river trail. He had a great time splashing through the puddles. We still had the camera with us, so we propped it up on the edge of the stroller and set the timer. Nothing went as planned, but it was the best zoo day ever, with a great family picture to go with it.

AuthorAmy Donley