I thought I was going to be all Martha Stewart and teach people how to reupholster a chair as I remade this one for the studio. What I ended up with is basically a huge advertisement for professional reupholster-ers everywhere. I do have a few words of advise though.

1: When in doubt, use hot glue. (Seriously, this thing has so much hot glue in it)
2: Get a tetanus shot. (There are so many pokey weird metal things holding that chair together)
3: Don't count on finding anything cool in there. (All I found were some really old peanuts)
4: Invest in some Scotch Guard. (The first child to get chocolate on this thing faces certain death)

Now that this mammoth chair is finished, there is no way it is leaving my living room. It will be there forever. Or at least until it doesn't look pretty anymore. Then I will put it by the curb and laugh as the next Martha Stewart loads it into the back of their truck saying "I could reupholster that." Good luck lady, I used a pneumatic staple gun.

AuthorAmy Donley